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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Janett and I have moved

For any reader not acquainted with the recent history, this past winter we began to think of moving to Las Vegas. The first cause was daughter Kim, who we wanted to be closer to in case she ever got lonely. Also, Kim understands Janett pretty well and they can share ups and downs. If anything ever happened to me I think Kim could offer Janett a pretty firm arm to lean on. (which is not to slight Jason, Val, Nate, Stephy, or Noah since I myself am inclined to notoriously bad responses to Janett's worst moments. offering support like "Buck up, little camper" and advise like "Quit your whining."
Then there's the hot and dry thing which we hope will have beneficial effects on Janett's fibromyalgia symptoms. Also, after 45 years I'm still a white knuckle driver in January and February, and I slipped and fell on the ice three times last year. Luckily nothing broke, but maybe I was pressing my luck.
Then there was the condo lure. we picked out a really pretty one at a low price and had our offer accepted - Then got turned down for a mortgage. Kind of a "no credit history" thing since we've been living off a debit card for five or six years and paying cash for cars etc. We'll spend six months to a year establishing some good history and then apply again. Latest news is that prices could go even lower! Fortunately Kim was on the scene and able to find a nice little apartment for us for the mean time.
Early on in our deliberations we opted for the keep it simple approach to moving.
1 Trade in both our cars for a newer more reliable van. Taking one vehicle reduced the chance of mechanical mishap, reduced Janett's apprehensions about my falling asleep at the wheel and driving off a mountain, and riding together increased our enjoyment of the trip.
2. Move only what fit in the van. We figured we could buy furniture here cheaper than paying to move our old furniture, which might not have fit into a condo floor plan very well anyway. We were a little sad, of course, to give up things that had a family history. Janett was able to sell off several nice things for a little money, but also to insure a good home for those items. Oh, and we cheated a bit by parcel posting about 15 boxes of varying sizes to Kim.
I think our approach worked out well, but the proof will be in purchasing another car and furniture without spending a whole lot of money.

We're here in Las Vegas now, staying with Kim, Ross, and Remy until our apartment is cleaned up. (September 10th?). I downloaded skype so I could be in touch with the grandchildren left behind. Maybe I'll blog a little more often now to share how things are working out.


Steph said...

I would appreciate if you blogged more often Dad! Love you!

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Great summary of all the exciting going ons! Just wanted to add that the mail carrier said "I feel like I've been your moving company the past week!" Haha, pretty much. We'll have to remember to tip her this Christmas! ;P