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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's all about me

Some of you may remember the old "Lucky in Lover", feeling the need to alert, explain, and forewarn of things. Well, that's still me. So I took several months off, fearful of screed fatigue on the part of myself and the occasional visitor.
But now I'm on an adventure as I explained the other day, and have a lot of experiences to describe. I won't do that right here or now, but I was just reviewing my Facebook posting over the last week, and it's very first person-y.

Who would want to read a travelogue or journal if every paragraph started with "I"?

It's well known how I admire daughter Kim's writing style; informative, casual and a little elegant, seldom judgemental. I doubt that I can copy that style. But maybe I could attempt to write more observations of milieu and tempo, without pontificating about motivations or integrity.

In any case, Janett and I are very happy to be in Las Vegas, enjoying Kim and Ross's hospitality, and trying to shape a relationship with a slightly self-absorbed one year old. We'll see how the narrative develops.

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