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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm such a loser...

I came to my blog site to connect to Kim's blog, and thought I should post a little something, which I did, commenting on my indifference to Khaddafi and Wisconsin's governor, noting this indifference is not my usual reaction to the news. More commonly, I am keeping a scorecard on the class war and can get pretty upset when I sense that the other guys are winning. I said I was more preoccupied of late with generating revenue at our little tax/bookkeeping service, and feeling thankful to Kim for provideing a supplement to Janett, which seems to be diminishing her fibroid myalgia symptoms without the crazy ups and downs (mostly downs) usually accompanying prescription medications.

I posted my comments, then viewed the blog, which is my customary method of proof-reading. and wondered at the intuit ads showing up next to my post. Oooops I'd taken the wrong turn at dashboard and posted to our business blog. Strangely, I found it impossible to copy the text from that blog to a post here. That raises some concern. Has Blogger changed something? Will I still be able to copy in articles of interest, some several pages in length, to my blog?

Love to all.