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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh Boy

Well, the Irish stunk up the joint last night. You can go to the ND board linked here to read the litany of complaints by fans about their performance. Essentially, it seems the Irish were out-performed in every aspect of the game, except QB and even Brady Quinn, while determined was not flawless.

Coach Weis, I'm sure, is discouraged. His recruiting classes are frosh and sophs this year and he got to recruiting the sophs late - after the Patriots won their last Super Bowl and he was free to take the Notre Dame job. So now he has a good freshman class, an OK sophmore class. And juniors-to be-seniors, Willingham's last class? Five scholarship players. That's right, five true seniors on scholarship next year. A max of twenty-five scholarships can be granted in a year, so how do you end up with five seniors on scholarship? By half-assed recruiting and ending up with a bunch of under achievers and flakes. Thanks again, Ty.

By the way, for any lingering Willingham apologists out there: Did you know Ty was already negotiating his Washington contract when ND fired him? That was a violation of his ND contract but he still got something like a 6 million dollar go away present from ND as a buy out. The guy's a weasel, and we're lucky to be shed of him, but we're still payng a price for letting that sh*t-head near our program, and the final payment comes due next year.

So, instead of returning home with the team, Coach Weis is staying out west trying to tie down some talent for next year's freshman class. Good Luck, Coach.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


We want to see a lot of Vic Albamiri and Derek Landry tonight

Friday, November 24, 2006

On a more serious note...

James Baker's commission is evidence that the new world order boys are taking back power and influence from the neo-cons, and provides scant hope that morality or justice will prevail in policy and decision making in this or future administrations. I'm sure the Baker boys are looking for a few old Baathist and Sunni generals who they can empower to lead the reaction to the Shiite ascendancy in Iraq. Tariq Aziz, Hussein's foreign minister, has been kept on ice for the last several years. Maybe they'll trot him out to head some kind of "law and order" government.

In a not-entirely-unrelated development, the release of the Bobby movie about RFK's assassination was the occasion for an English talk show to review the circumstances of the RFK assassination, circumstances such as Sirhan standing in front of RFK when the fatal shot was fired from behind the victim. The fuel the news show added to the fire was photographic evidence of the presence of three CIA operatives being at the hotel where the killing occurred on that day. If you believe the CIA was complicit in JFK's assassination , as any sane person does, then you know the CIA could not allow RFK to ascend to the presidency.

And who's the mystery man who can be placed at the nexus of the JFK assassination?
George Herbert Walker Bush, but that's a story for another day.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Oh and by the way

I skipped the whiskey yesterday, I never drink alone. I also skipped the brats and potao salad, but fixed myself a steak with saffron rice and green beans - yummm.


The wolverines of Michigan lost yesterday, and incidentally put a bow on the Heisman and delivered it to Troy Smith. Typically, they're whining about a rematch. Hey Conquering Heroes, Shut the Hell Up!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Shell shocked

Mark and I went to see Departed tonight. Janett doesn't like gangster movies or violence or sociopathic behavior in general, so this was my chance and we took it. Just guessing, about twenty people got killed, the plot was suspenseful, and the story was entirely plausible in the context of Boston's Irish underworld. But one comes out of the theater numbed.

I'm not really good at recognizing or remembering actors from one movie to the next. Was Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity? I liked those movies too.

Big day for college football tomorrow. I trust ND will be OK against Army. As one poster put it at Rock's Hous,e Charlie's not going to hang 50 points on a service academy if he can help it.

I think we want Michigan to win by twenty over Ohio State. Could happen. I don't think TOSU had played a defense like Michigans this year. I guess I hope Michigan not only wins, but makes Troy Smith look bad. You know the Heisman Trophy for Brady Quinn sort of thing.

Then we want Southern Cal to beat the Berkley Bears, so that if ND can beat USC, ND will move up to second or third in the BSC. Another loss for FL and Arkansas down the stretch would also help. And West Virginia maybe could beat Rutgers next week.

When a college team loses a game a lot of things have to happen to get them into the championship game. I'd say we have maybe a 1 in 6 chance.

Tomorrow morning I'll clean up a little, go shopping for brats and potato salad, maybe some Irish whiskey to celebrate or mourn the outcomes, then hunker down with Janett's cat and the channel changer to see how the situation develops.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh and another thing...

Do you think Notre Dame will deat Southern Cal on the 27th?

Do you think they coud be invited to The Fiesta Bowl to play the winner of the Ohio State-Michican game?

Du you think they'd get killed in a championship game, or do you think Brady Quinn could play the game of his life and win a high scoring shoot out?
Do you?

Is this thing on?

Wednesday night. Janett and the girls and little Malachy have been gone since Monday, heading down to GA to see her brothers. You'd think they'd be there by now, but driving through the rain was so bad that they had to stop in Atlanta, short of Macon. Hey, better safe than sorry.

Monday night I did the dishes, made iced tea and watched the news.

Last night I did laundry and went through some business papers. Didn't turn on the TV until I went to bed. Ended up watching a John Wayne calvary movie. His character was called Colonel York, but it seemed like a badly written rip-off of the John Ford classic.

Tonight I went to our friends'(Missy and Phil) house. Missy fixed tasty appetizers and a really good roast. After dinner she cut my hair a little. Janett offered to do it before she left, but I wasnt in the mood that day. So things are going good for me.

I brought a big bottle of Lambrusco to dinner, and when I was at Dominick's picking it up I was looking at their brochures for prepared Thanksgiving dinners. Janett wont be home til the day before Thanksgiving and may not feel up to pulling together a big family meal.

They have a turkey dinner and a ham dinner. So here's my plan - we get both.
That way you get mashed potatoes and scalloped potatoes, green beans and corn, apple pie and pumpkin pie, ham and turkey. All for eighty bucks and lets face it if I went shopping for all the fixings for a big holiday dinner, I'd spend that much, and someone would still have to spend the whole day preparing it all. Also, at work I got a twenty dollar gift certificate from Jewel for Thanksgiving. So tomorrow on the way home I'm going to stop at Jewel and see if they do the same kind of thing and whether I can use my gift certificate.

Sure it's easy to envy me, but not everone could live this life.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Do You Love Me

Dave Clark Five - Do You Love Me

Apologies to the Isley Brothers, but this was a fun band. OOOPs I checked, I can't find this song among the Isley Brothers credits. I find it as done by the Contours. Hmmmm