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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking the rule

about not discussing religion or politics, Ross and I talked religion last night. We annoyed Janett and Kim a little bit. It started "innoccuously" enough when I asked how evolution led us to reinterpret original sin.
Ross is a biblical Christian, and isn't inclined to accept evolution as the story of creation. After a long discussion I came away with the image of Ross's bible as a beaker containing a quart of extra extra extra pure virgin olive oil, light golden, clear and complete.
I sometimes use a cliche about religion informing science as science informs religion, and that led me to imagine pouring a cup of clean water into the beaker. Of course the two liquids did not mix, and I next imagined putting the beaker on a blender, and obtaining an immulsion, pale and no longer transluscent. Not only had the oil lost its lovely appearance, it had also lost it's suitability for cooking or as a salad dressing. This imagery provided me with a deeper appreciation of literal adherence to the Bible.

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Steph said...

thats very interesting Dad! love ya!